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It seems that politics of hope led by Narendra Modi has made the B.J.P. prominent in some states where it's presence was simply nothing.Five years before,BJP managed to win only 4 seats of 90 seats in assembly Election of Haryana. Today, for the first time,BJP is going to make it's own government with the status of largest party in Haryana ,having won 46/47 seats*.While,In Maharashtra, "Modi factor" has made again huge impact on BJP's performance.Compared to last assembly elections, when BJP won 42 out of 288, BJP has won 123 seats.BJP is most likely to form government in Maharashtra.
It is also showing us that gone are the days when people used to vote the party who benefited them by starting schemes like " Hooda gave farmer relief by announcing some schemes and Prithviraj chahvan gave maratha caste about 16% reservation making total reservations upto around 73% " still none of them worked.
         Also, congress could not manage to become even second largest political party in both states while it was in power before.Now, time has come for congressmen to connect themselves to common people again and leave their arrogance and negligence towards their core problems of functioning and working of the party.

         Haryana Poll Results

            Maharashtra Poll Results


* Not confirmed yet
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