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Let me introduce  myself.I am an undergrad student.I am 17 years old enthusiastic youngster.I feel very bad when i see country's current social status.That's why i started my blog in hope to encourage and expose you to some very serious problems in detail to make you realise that problem is big!. My tagline shows my belief that without realising something as a problem, you can not recognize and solve it.I am just trying to aware people about the problems.It is just an attempt from my heart to help my country in some way.
     I am also active on facebook,twitter and linkedin. I request you humbly to subscribe my blog by your email.Also comment in the inbox to let me know your opinion about the topic.Also please share it on social platforms.This will help us having more outreach and will make our site survive to pay for customized domains.I have listed some of my accounts on social platforms.
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