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“Bad Education may end your life” : Role of education in suicides happening these days


    Every Incident that takes place necessarily reveals either individual, social or global ongoings and thereby a whole new world of ideas,possibilities and varied perceptions. Suicide is also one of them which teaches us about how the anxiety coming out from society in the response to the pressure,people's unnecessary comments and their behaviour on the victim may lead to these incidents.But i think that incidents like suicide do create the ways to explore about the world of state of mind of an individual.In the country like India where every day 371 people are killing themselves(data are taken from 2012 survey done by N.C.R.B.),it is crucial for us to worry about it.It is really serious topic to think about and it has become a hidden tragedy for a country like India which may become more tragic in coming years if we (by we,i mean society) will not take it seriously.The alarming and steadily increasing numbers of suicides indicate about how materialism has made people so much dangerously competitive where they don't have significant space and time for their self.

Also data show that 5.5% out of total suicide cases were of students which also indicates that kids today are finding it difficult to cope up with situations.Also the stress being put on students is also becoming difficult to deal with in which society,school(exceptions are also there) and authorities have played disastrous role to increase stress and pressure for doing well in their academics and extracurrics. Here,I will discuss about mostly student's life because this is that part of life which defines major part of personality and psychological equations for individual one.Also it was found that out of 80% of suicide victims in India were literate which indicates that their education have to do with problem of suicides.
Firstly, I thought that i would be providing you some data to illustrate you to some basic aspects of our system that somehow manages to make you so competitive that your ability to cope up with situations can be very less.It eventually may lead to self obsessions and sometimes very false perception of yourself. But I thought that i would give you some real examples of it which i personally know and have shown me that system's working has made today people very self obsessed that they may be fooling themselves or others by making wrong perception of themselves.Sometimes if they find that they are not performing well in the race of competition,they start doing unethical things , some of them getting depressed by the gesture of failure or suggestion/fear of failures.Actually I have prepared for entrance for IIT for about two years in my 11th & 12th which somehow I managed to clear,but one thing that I saw during this coaching is the stress put by society,coachings  &  student himself. Many students who could not be lucky enough to crack it or think that they won't able to make it started making wrong presumptions about themselves, sometimes ending up blaming parents for not guiding well in building of their career( actually many consider getting in to I.I.T. as granted successful career).Also even in premier institutes like IITs,NITs  & IIMs ,suicides cases are reported every year due to immense pressure being put up by family and society.
So, Those who are not able to perform well in this education system are stressed because of failure ,while those who manage to perform well are depressed because of suggestion/gesture of failure or because of self obsession.

Let me tell you a true example, As you guys know that today Facebook status, profile updates have been becoming young student's matter of their self respect.I came across 4 guys (genuinely speaking) on F.B., who updated their status as an IITian from IIT Delhi,Mumbai , Kanpur  (two of them claiming to be from IIT-D),Unfortunately two of them were my friends on F.B. sadly.I came to know about it via some friend that they could not make it so they started making false impression of them as I.I.T grade to make sure that their so called self respect won't be hurt, when I messaged them about it to help them in this situation then they were outraged at me to talk about it. That is how our education policy has made an adverse effect on student's mindset. “Now days people have forgotten the aim of education and training” according to a professor at I.I.T. Delhi.I think young students are forced to have rote learning rather than having intellectual qualities these days which ultimately makes them weak in dealing with situations.Lack of this intellectuality sometimes play pivotal role in family problems.Today people don't play sports which is very crucial for concentration.They spend their time in mugging up the things all the time for competition, high percentage in boards,their repute e.t.c. Their inability to cope up with difficult situations in their life make them very discouraged towards their life so they start doing unethical things such as indulging themselves in drugs,smoking to keep away their attention from situations.
Also one thing that seemed very interesting to me was that School Boards (especially in C.B.S.E.) won't let you worry for passing the exams till 10th but in 11th ,they suddenly increase the quality of standard books (though it is proper level at 11th but schools in small town are totally ignorant about condition of classes till 8th but for 10th and 12th ,they start pressing you as they want good impression of school in board results.For 10th ,they can have home exams with very flexible marking scheme,when it comes for 12th they really put very much stress on them to have good marks which is also responsible for high stress outcome) which creates problem for those who did not take it seriously before.The problem with this system is not that it is bad to have C.C.E. in C.B.S.E. but to implement it.Unless until we have student teacher ratio of atleast 20:1 in India we won't be able to get proper results.
So you can understand the importance of education in suicides here in India.I hope that I carried out my work enough to make you feel about interconnection of our education to suicides.I hope you guys will be having healthy discussion on it and will make it possible for you to have in your classroom discussions also making your teacher to arrange a discussion on it. Also sorry guys, I was quite late to publish it. I also want to thank Vishal Singh for editing!!! Hope you won't forget to give the feedback.You can give your feedback to me by directly commenting in the inbox or mailing me to
 References:Times of India,Wikipedia for data and images purpose

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  1. Its a shame that we as a society are so obsessed with grades and the youngsters preparing for the JEE are more interested in clearing the exams than learning the subject.I recently had a chat with a guy who teaches physics for JEE and asked his why would he not just teach physics just for the fun of it and I was shocked by his answer. He said that nobody would come. Very few amongst us are interested in learning , we just want to enter in reputed institutions and then get high paying jobs. But then the pathetic quality of teaching in general besides the societal pressure to preform is also partly to blame. I wish I had never gone to university . It was a total waste of 4 years . I would have learned much more self-studying at home. If these is no reform , these suicides are going to continue and our universities are going to churn out untrained, frustrated graduates year after year

    1. Thanks! for your opinion. Please do give your feedback to us
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