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 In the words of Gladys knight( a legendry singer),"there have been very few individuals who have been allowed to have that kind of fame ,though what a costlier and at what a cost it is! ",This quote on michael fitted too much on him throughout his career. Michael jackson was one of those few singers who had attained extraordinary popularity that was only matched by beatles and elvis presley,but michael was different in every way, the latter stars those i mentioned did have their popularity only upto europe and america but michael was the first artist to take the medium seriously making it popular throughout globe including  Africa, Asia. You can understand his popularity in africa alone by knowing that when he went to gabon, an african country, in 1992, around 1 lakh people were there to cheer him.According to IFPI ( A charting company which ships and tabulates global music sales),Michael is best selling solo artist ever with more than 423 million records, yet there are also speculations that he has sold about 720 million (including jackson 5( his old group) sales) according to sony shipments official data.Yet these sales should be appreciated as most of these around 500 out of 720 million has come from his adult six (only six) studio albums , music videos and greatest hits compilations.You would be amazed that michael has been awarded with more than 739+ recognised awards,more than any other artist along way.Michael's lowest selling adult studio album is invincible (last till he was alive ,came out on 28th october,2001) has sold 13 million copies worldwide. He is regarded as most successful entertainer of all time by guiness book of world records and most charitable celebrity.

         It has been more than 5 years since the death of michael.Let me tell you the roots of king of pop,he was the eigth child of joseph and katherine jackson.He was born in garry, indiana on 29th august, 1958.His father was a simple crane operator.Most of the people will be amazed that joseph  was a guitarist of his band "fusion" which did not work out for some obvious reasons.Actually failure of joseph's band, made joseph willingful to make his children stars. He identified exceptional talent in their children. Michael was only six years old when he started singing along with his brothers in their band called "jackson 5".They won a local talent show as a their first major in apollo theater (clarification needed).After they signed for contract with motown (first music label of them ) records.Motown was founded by Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson mainly for nurturing black people's music. As a result they produced four consecutive number one hits which made them the first music band to do so.In 1972, michael recorded title track for film Ben which got him his first nomination in oscars and his first  Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song .The album of same name was released as his first studio album under motown.Ben was michael's first no.1 single on billiboard hot 100.Today Ben ,later he released the album of same name which has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.In 1972, michael had released his first studio album before release of Ben (his second  studio album ) Got to Be There which went gold in U.S. and today it's total worldwide sales are 3.2 million(estimated).
Michael realeased two more albums  Music & Me ,Forever, Michael under motown which were commercially unsuccessful.In 1975 after countless top 10 hits and gold albums michael and his brother left motown except jermaine and inclusion of randy youngest bro, for more artistic liberation.They joined epic records(then cbs records) and renamed them jacksons. In 1978,Michael appeared in wizard of oz which cast were all black.On the sets of wiz,michael met quincy jones which led to 10 year long mj-quncy jones collaboration which would be going to release some of most rich pop music and also best sellers.In 1979,michael released off the wall which produced 4 top 10 U.S. hits for the first time in music history..Today its worldwide sales stands at 20 million copies. It was the best selling album by a black artist at the time. In 2008, it was inducted in to grammy hall of fame.Though michael was dissapointed by the fact that his album did not get unanimous praise.In 1982, michael released thriller which went on to become biggest selling album in american history and worldwide thriller sales stands at 70 million copies worldwide.Thriller was so successful that its making of thriller became best selling home video ever. It produced 7 top 10 hits out of 9 songs on the album.It spent an entire year on billiboard 200 with 37 consecutive weeks @ number 1. Thriller was best selling album of 1983,1984 worldwide.Michael helped black artist to feature on mtv regarded as a racial channel at that time.All the three singles billie jean,beat it,thriller all went to number 1. On 25th anniversary of motown, a tv special, michael unveiled moonwalk with a fedora for the first time on stage performing on billie jean.The video for thriller was also unprecedented, it garnered huge praise and made thriller best selling music video ever,in most of the polls thriller is regarded as greatest video ever.It is first music video ever to be inducted in us congress library. In 1985, michael co-wrote and recorded the charity song "We Are the World" which became best selling single at the time and record was broken by candle in the wind in 1997, the song won michael a grammy for best song of the year with lionel richie.Also in 1984 michael won 8 grammy in one night which is a record tied by carlos santana in 2000.At the moment,  michael was at his peak. In 1987,michael released bad which would eventually produce 5 consecutive number one singles for the first time which is tied by katy perry in 2011.Bad broke all the sales record in united kingdom,becoming best selling record at the time.It was also the best selling album of 1987 and 1988 worldwide. It was the first album to debut at number 1 in 25 countries. It sold 20 million copies at the time becoming second best selling album ever. this record was held until 1995. Today Bad has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide still 8th best selling album ever.Michael for the first time toured as a solo artist in bad world tour garnering huge media and attention and managed to make the tour biggest tour ever in terms of audience (4.4 million) and revenue at the time with 125 million us dollars. In 1991, michael release Dangerous leaving quincy jones,Dangerous was fastest selling album selling more than 12 million in just 4 months.It got 7x platinum in U.S. in just 4 months.Black o' white was the most successful track from dangerous.It spent 7 weeks at number 1,a feat matched only by billie jean.The premiere of black o' white was seen by 500 million viewers worldwide making it most watched music video ever. Dangerous sold eventually 23 million at the time making third best selling album ever till 1994.Today dangerous has sold more than 32 million copies worldwide .It produced 4 top 10hits at the time.This is also a record by an artist to have four consecutive album having 4 or more than 4 top 10 hits.Michael is only artist to have produced 7 top 10 hits in u.k. each from his two albums Dangerous & Bad.
But it saw the decline in sales of michael jackson as singles from album saw for the first time since 1979 saw a position out of top 20 us charts but at the same time michael's album were selling overseas more than over.In 1991 michael renewed his contract with sony for 65 million us dollars and a billion dollar prospective earning a record in its own. in 1993 michael sold his concert right to hbo for 20 million dollar that gave hbo highest rating still a record! Dangerous is best selling new jack swing album ever.It was best selling album of 1993. But 1993 saw the starting of most bizarre chapter of michael's life,he was accused of child molestation charges which was settled out of court maintaining his innocence and later in 2005,in which he was acquitted from all counts proving his innocence. The time was gone when michael was seen as a most amazing performer ,he was now being known for controversies.In 1994, he married liza marrie presley which remained for only 2 years.In 1997,he married his dermatologist and long time friend debbie rowe who gave birth to 2 children of him.And another children from surrogate mother in 2002.In 1995 michael released history combined with greatest hits package.Internationally it was michael's huge success and still an artististic triumph. It has sold more than 21 million copies( 42 million units) by now and becoming best selling multiple disk album ever."Scream" ,the first single out of album was the first song to debut at no. 5 in hot 100 history.Music video accompanying the single is most expensive music video ever costing 7 million us dollars.The second single "you are not alone" debuted at hot 100 chart at no. 1 becoming the first to do so and breaking his previous single's record. History was best selling album of 1996.After this he toured for history tour (his last solo world tour) which became highest grossing world tour for 165 million us dollars and 4.5 million spectators breaking pprevious record set by his Bad world tour.In 1997 , michael released blood on the dance floor which became best selling remix album ever with sales of 8 million copies worldwide.By the time critics  were largely unimpressed at michael. In 2001, michael released his invincible(Last till he was alive) .Despite of lack of promotion and label dispute,it managed to top in 11 countries including u.s. It was michael's fastest selling album with 5.4 millions in just 2 months but was largely reviewed badly.Michael's seemingly tarnished figure eclipsed almost his career as a musician.In 2003, a british documentry featuring michael named "living with michael jackson" created an uproar and condemnation against michael for still doing kids sleepover in neverland which media blowed it  sexually.This led him to 2005 trials in which he was vindicated. After the verdict michael left neverland and never returned again. He lived in exile in behrain as a royal family guest. After that he was almost forgotten.But increasingly debts and his willingness to perform in front of his children made him announce his comeback tour in july 2009.It was almost thought that he is almost forgotten but ticket for concerts sold out in just few hours (about a million tickets).This proved his stardom again.Just before 2 weeks ago, michael was rehearsing for his "this is it" tour in L.A., he died of cardiac arrest due to overdose of drugs and really harmful painkillers on the day of 25th june, 2009. His doctor was sentenced for four year jail for involuntary manslaughter.His death triggered  global outpour of grief and his memorial service was watched by a billion.
   In reality, michael was greatest music brand ever which was due to his uniqueness. He was indeed the last global megastar the world has ever witnessed. Today michael was buried in forest lawn cemetery .I would like to conclude my blog saying that " michael you taught us to spread the message of love and harmony which we will always do. rest well in peace.we love you"
some quotes are inspired by a documentary  "The Michael Jackson story". 
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