Wednesday, 17 September 2014

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Late night, QS world ranking agency released the Ranking list of global universities.While MIT,Cambridge were listed as top university, none of our prestigious IITs made it to top 200.The highest entry from India is from IIT Bombay ranked 222 (11 places up from last year).IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur are ranked at 235 and 300 respectively.Though ranking may be considered as IITs failure but in Engineering and Technology, IITs made it to top 50 of world's best.IIT Delhi is ranked 46 and IIT Bombay is ranked 53 in the world which is showing IITs improvement as they are technical institutes. Also we can not compare IITs to another universities as they are technical institutes not arts and humanities based  more broad institutions.
Also, another good news comes from IISC which is ranked at number 11 in the world in terms of citations per faculty with 99.9 rating showing improvement of quality of research in India.Though IITs are technical institutes still they should be in top 200 of the world because MIT, Caltech all are in top 10 despite of being the technical institutes.IITs citations data's are very poor they are out of top 200 while in this category IISc is ranked 11 in the world which shows urgent measures should be taken in research area by IIT officials.

   (All the data's above are taken from QS world ranking,for more,click here )

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