Thursday, 11 September 2014


                                   Suicides in India( Preview)
Every Incident that takes place necessarily reveals either individual, social or global ongoings and thereby a whole new world of ideas,possibilities and varied perceptions. Suicide is also one of them which teaches us about how the anxiety coming out from society in the response to the pressure,people's unnecessary comments and their behaviour on the victim may lead to these incidents.But i think that incidents like suicide do create the ways to explore about the world of state of mind of an individual.Every year,about 8,00,000 people commit suicides throughout the globe, of which India has 17% contribution. In the country like India where every day 371 people are killing themselves. It is crucial for us to worry about it.It is really serious topic to think about and it has become a hidden tragedy for a counrtry like india which may become more tragedic in coming years if we (by we,i mean society) will not take it seriously.The alarming and steadily increasing numbers of suicides indicate about how materialism has made people so much dangerously competative where they don't have significant space and time for their self.Also datas show that 5.5% out of total suicide cases were of students.
  It is just the preview version of article of the same name which will be published on next Monday. I have given some link to some reports on "suicides in India". you can click on the links given below for detailed knowledge about suicides which will make sense to you for understanding it's importance.Please after accessing to these links,do discuss to your friends about it to spread the awareness.If you are student,please convince your teacher to have a healthy debate on it.Also if you have any story regarding this topic,do share it with me, I promise you,your identity will be subject of secrecy which can only be disclosed only on your consent.To Share your opinions, please click here .

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