Saturday, 9 August 2014

             2 months ago,I was in the C.M.C. vellore for some hearing treatment.I wondered why most of liver transplants (critical ones) patients come there and get treated,when i asked one of residents there about it,he said, "Hospital is located in a very poor region (though vellore does have rich background (V.I.T. is there and C.M.C. too)) but around the regions of katpadi (vellore) ,there are small villages of poor ones,where liver sell is normal".May be it was a thing made up by him or his suspicion.actually this is just one example.
       let me introduce you guys what do we mean by organ trade? Organ trade is the trade involving inner human organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc.) for organ transplantation.In India you can not take liver of anyone except your closest relative according to law (though much effort is being put by government to change the law to make it flexible for getting liver from others in legal way to stop distorting india's poor people).So, our law is also very strict about organ transplantation case,so people buy it illegally and even though rules are really strict but implementation of these laws have just become virtual.So, people's poverty and bad implementation of law have motivated illegal organ trade in india.In india, cases are too high that you can not simply get organs for everyone's treatment legally due to law and refusal of giving organs by relatives. Now what is happening,illegal traders of organs are using poverty of very low class people to take organs,by making them fools or giving money.
     Now lets go back to realm underlying the name of my article.Actually where i live and study, I.I.T.  is near the munirka one of very poor area of delhi,there is a big speciality hospital there,actually these places are not kind of something which is chosen by fate.It is understood by hospital authorities that in case of emergency , they can use the locality for organ transplantation.Generally, people who sell their organs for some needs get very small amount compared to what hospital charges the patients (though most of the people end up getting nothing because either they were fooled by organ traders(mediators of hospitals) or they were fooled by hospitals who would take it out of patients claiming it to be one of their treatment).Actually hospitals have played the larger role in illegal organ trade by buying from traders or directly getting involved in it and selling it to  paients. It is really profitable deal for hospitals.Though efforts are being taken human resource department to stop organ trade with collabrative role of law ministry.So, I will conclude my blog without any final thoughts because it is we who sell and buy .so, this time much of responsibility is on us too to stop participating in these illegal activities for your beloved ones,yes in india if you don't do so you may loose your beloved ones but action is being taken regarding these issues.So , i may suggest even if you are buying organ from someone take it directly from the persons whose organ is going to be transplanted to atleast give full compensation to that person.Now i will stop here, next time i will be presenting a really fresh and contemporary article.
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