Friday, 25 July 2014

Make education personal again
Make education personal again
Education has been a problem in our country and lack of it has been blamed for all sorts of evil for hundreds of years. Even Rabindranath Tagore wrote lengthy articles about how Indian education system needs to change.  Funny thing is that from the colonial times, few things have changed. We have established IITs, IIMs, law schools and other institutions of excellence; students now routinely score 90% marks so that even students with 90+ percentage find it difficult to get into the colleges of their choice; but we do more of the same old stuff.
   We still do not provide sufficient money to our intermediate colleges.The funding problem of these colleges have become huge as time is being passed. In many government intermediate colleges,students do not get a proper lab to do practicals.Also we have very poor process of selecting teachers at this level of education .We do not provide attracting pay packages to teachers of 10+2 level.So,eligible candidates do not want to do job in government sector of teaching.Now what is happening that recruiters have no choice so they are taking candidates of less caliber. Generally majority of these guys are the ones who just want the job and do not have passion towards teaching.Recruiters are bound to recruit them not only because of decrease in number of candidates who have interest in their field,also there is a huge pressure coming from government officials due to fact that governments(states and central) are facing criticism of hike in number of vacant posts of teachers.The thing is that majority of teachers these days are not interested in their field or they don't have enthusiasm to teach them due to lack of competition between their fellowsand interest in subject.The impact is that majority of students in india do not want to do research due to lack of motivation towards the subject .Even those who have interest,generally have lost their interest because of poor motivation and exploration.
    Till this moment we have understood the problems of government intermediate schoools because of which majority(not every college,some are really good too) are underdeveloped.Now, we are going to understand about education system of private schools.It is interesting to note that these institutes take very good amount from the parents barring some missionary and charitable schools who are charging parents less.But condition here are not way better than government schools. Ofcourse they are better than government colleges on average,but system of learning in most of them especially those located in small cities, is not correct due to lack of good environment and techers. In most of the private schools,students are motivated to gain marks by mugging and understanding it only to the limit which is being required in corresponding exams(even for competitive exams like jee mains and now jee advanced too). Due to this good and qualifed work power in india is very low.
   Now, we may know that india's education system is on the verge of steep decline.Next time i will be presenting you my views on how to eradicate these problems with examples of some good schools too.Till then good bye,keep visiting for new updates.

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  1. totally agree with u buudy. .

  2. thanks for compliment but do tell your opinion here

  3. I think 30K+ pm (which is the salary of a starter in Govt. Inter Colleges) is sufficient . Now you mentioned there is not so much competition in this field . Every year around 1lakh+ candidates appeared for T.E.T. exam . Competition is High but I think Reason for Bad Education System is Lack of Interest and Corruption . .


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