Thursday, 31 July 2014

"I wonder whether those of our political masters who have been put in charge of the defense of the country can distinguish a mortar from a motor; a gun from a howitzer; a guerrilla from a gorilla, although a great many resemble the latter."

Indian army during Republic day celebration         
The U.S. defence expenditure amounted to $500 billion last year and China's was $110 billion. In comparison, India's defence budget of $38 billion is humble and barely 1.79 percent of the country's GDP.                                                              
        The above quote by mr. Sam manekshaw(first chief marshal of indian armed- forces) seems so true in current defense condition of india.Hello guys,i am back with another post.This time,my motto is to make you guys know about current condition of  Indian Defense System.Just about 2 years ago,the Air Force chief (at that time)  said that we are one third of chinese air force,but if we are given task to fight them we will give our best.That statement was enough to tell the current situation of indian air force.When i started my blog 7 days ago,I thought about a blog focussing on india's defence system,so I started my analysis about  india's weapons compared to china,the biggest and powerful threat of india in it's neighbours.I found very bad progress in weapons import and export of weapons.India sells only small weapons like guns to small countries.So,it seems that government is not putting their effort to earn revenue from defence sectors.India is currently biggest weapons buyer having shared 14% of whole world's import.India depends on imports for meeting more than 65 per cent of its weapons requirement every year.Also,Indian government has failed in negotiating big deals like in "admiral gorshkov"(a soviet aircraft carrier) purchasing,india had ordered it for 1.8 billion dollars in 2004,but in december 2009,russia  wanted extra 1 billion dollar due to inflation,russia was to give it in 2008.But it failed to deliver.India could have puchased it in 2 billion dollars as it was russian's fault,but india purchased it at 2.4 billion dollar.According to C.A.G,It was 60% costlier than new ones.May be government had not any other option,but india could have forced russians to deliver it in 2008.Anyway india did not negotiate much,that's the point.Government has started good plans for domestic weapons,there is still much to work.The new problem that is arising in this system,is corruption in negotiation of these defence deals, which is interferring good companies to get the tender of order of weapons.A pretty much number of orders that india has given,has not gotten delivered.There are also some of the projects which are announced to be purchased,due to weak dealing capability and weak negotiation of money for india,these projects are simply roaming around the papers (archive section)  of defence ministry.
         It is not that india is loosing in every section of weapons,it is doing exceptionally well in missiles compared to other weapons.Most of missiles in india are either domestic or collabrative(like bramhos,with russia).Agni missiles which are domestic ones,are doing job as excellent weapons.Agni V has become india's first  intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ,making india one of very few nations in this elite category.It can target anywhere in china. India is really focussig on national defence as from 2004-2008,india has increased 114% imports for 2009-2014.And india is spending more than 2% of it's G.D.P. which means government is doing something but still government's methodology is still proving general manekshaw's   famous  quote true(very much).
      The new Indian government which is in majority has made Mr.Arun Jaitley,minister of finance and minister of defence.This shows our government's irresponsibility towards defence ministry. May be Mr. Modi is trying to put someone very intelligent person in the picture by going to change laws (as he has done in the case of nipendra mishra) but possibility of this is less. 
            Here i conclude this blog by saying that "Yes,there is progress in india's defence system but introductions of new things (corruption,big money laundering(trapping former airforce chief) and huge imports of weapons have still symbolized india as a country of less weapon investment and a weak country in condition of wars. hope government would become strict on these things and will make india ultramodernized weapons country.                                                                                                                        

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