Monday, 28 July 2014

                                 Bullet Trains:Still A Dream
One day,I was discussing with one of my friends about bullet trains.I was just saying wrongs about government accusing them for not being serious about these projects.But when i went in to the details,it seemed that reasons for the slow pace of work on these projects was not entirely due to  laziness of government officials.The money factor came into a very big picture.In the following blog u are gonna see why am i saying that it is not feasible for india to work on these projects in current economical and social conditions and why governments are avoiding to work on large bullet train network (Diamond Quadrilateral the newest project,announced by Mr. NARENDRA MODI).
         Bullet trains are high speed rails.These rails can fuel their speed from 200-300 km/hour.India’s middle class is growing very steadily (due to growth in economy) because of which most of the trains are overbooked.It also saves time.It can play crucial role in some places where health services are not proper.On such places,critically ill can be transported to one place from another in very less time for treatment.These rails can do more visit in a week than present rails which are capable of dong max. 3 to 4 visit in a week on average.
Do you know if india is going to make  about 10000 k.m. high speed rail network (still less than 10% of india’s current rail network) how much will it cost?
you know it will cost about 199.5 billion us dollars in wholesum. while india’s current foriegn exchange reserve has 297.95 billion us dollars aggregate (datas will vary from 295 to 300 billion us dollars) according to 2013-2014 economic survey.
now you may know that why are these projects running at very slow pace? these years, railway income(profit) would be hardly about 60000 crores(last year it was about 55000 crores)? The ahemdabad-mumbai bullet train rail network under Diamond Quadrilateral project will be expected to cost around 65000 crores.So,it may not be possible for railway to function this little project before atleast 7-8 years.In india , security system in railway  for passangers is really bad.For about  sixty eight percent of JANTAA are   earning less than 2 us dollars per day according to world bank in 2010.So,most of indians are not having pay capacity for recovery of expenditure on bullet trains.          
 so i can conclude here that “bullet train will be a dream for years until unless we  make our economy grow and develop people’s lifestyle(lower number of poors and lower corruption).So we are not in correct condition now to focus on these projects.And government should focus on people’s daily problems to make the quality of living of people better.High speed rails should be there but it should be there in such a way that it is affordable and feasible.And india is having monorails and metro(metro costs 1/4th of bullet train for given train and rail track) which are also better, are having possibilities to take place of bullet trains(not in terms of speed but facilities) and india is still making in these projects like that of 160 km/hour semi high speed train had trial run recently from new delhi to agra.

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